Gas Station Vacation (Episode)

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Gas Station Vacation

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Episode No.: TPSS 6a
Season: TPSS 1
Airdate: October 29, 2021
Previous Episode: I Smell a Pat
Next Episode: Bunny the Barbarian
Characters Voice actors
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
GrandPat Star Dana Synder
Cecil Star Thomas Wilson
Bunny Star Cree Summer
Squidina Star Jill Talley
TPSS6a Image.jpg

Gas Station Vacation is a season 1 episode of The Patrick Star Show.





Cecil packs the last few items in the trunk of the van to get ready for a family vacation. After he finishes packing, he grabs out a megaphone to announce that they are leaving in 58 seconds, leading the family members to come out to go on the road.

While driving, Cecil explains why they are going on a vacation. On the TV, a commercial plays, featuring Rube Goldfish advertising for the "Frigate Frolic," a family resort, as he explains the numerous stuff to do, followed by a "brought to you by" screen with a place called "Gas Land." Patrick and Squidina hog the TV until it falls out of the car window, revealing the supposed "resort," which is actually a gasoline station. They park in and the whole family goes out; Cecil tries to do a vote on what to do at the gas station until Squidina pushes him out of the way and she explains her way on what to do before they can have fun. She pulls out a clipboard and tasks each character on what to do. Everyone does their things in five minutes, but they do not go as planned.

Bunny goes to a gas tank and grabs a nozzle. While paying, she sprays the oil around and fills up a citizen's mouth with oil, causing the citizen to glide around in the air like a balloon and land on a tire stack. Cecil comes along and takes a picture of the worn-out citizen. GrandPat, who is at the trunk, tells an employee to help him open the trunk as the employee says yes and walks up. As he opens the trunk, a slew of household items bursts out of the trunk, leaving the employee flying out, and GrandPat chuckles.

Patrick goes into the restroom with Tinkle and ties him on a sink. As Patrick leaves, Tinkle goes into one of the stalls and sniffs a toilet, seeming interested in the toilet. In the gas station itself, Squidina and Patrick are getting snacks. As Patrick gets some hot dogs, he rubs them around to make a sea-poodle and heats it up on his hand. Patrick reacts as he runs through several shelves and sees a kid with an ice cream cone. He puts his hand in the ice cream to cool the burn and then shoves the ice cream down his mouth, with the kid crying.

Patrick notices that his belly is grumbling, so he grabs some food to make a family feast. He opens the nearest microwave and stuffs food inside before walking away. The kid tells an employee that ice cream was stolen from him, before Patrick comes in and the kid points at him. The employee walks up to Patrick and tells him that stealing ice cream cones from people is against the policy. Patrick, who stares at the employee, lunges at him and tells Squidina that he wants a picture with the Gas Land mascot. Squidina tells the family to come in to take the picture, and then that they are going to the water park. They all come out and the employee is mad, walks away, but slips on a sea-poodle before falling into a hot dog machine.

The family get in the van and go to the boat wash. They park and get out with their swimming trunks, then stepping in and getting washed by the water, blown dry, getting fueled by soap, before jumping and doing athletic stuff on the brushes. The employee notices and runs out, with the family getting splattered by hot wax and going out on a conveyor belt. The employee at the back of the boat wash says again that their actions are against the policy. He exclaims on them for not listening, but they dry up and shatter to pieces. The employee gets a broom to clean the mess, but a van shoots out of the car wash, revealing it to be the family. Patrick, Squidina and GrandPat then go to play mini-golf, while Cecil and Bunny go relax by the spa as they are lead to an oil box when they lay down to relax.

GrandPat teaches Patrick and Squidina on how to be good mini-golfers, as he knocks out a ball, which ricochets off walls, goes off a motor and lands in a cup of coffee. GrandPat passes them a barrel full of golf balls, which hit the employees and the boats. Cecil and Bunny get out of the oil box, but are immediately knocked back in by the golf balls. Squidina hits one golf ball that hits off an oil container and rolls into an exhaust pipe, exclaiming a hole-in-one as the boat explodes due to the golf ball being inside the pipe.

Squidina then gets a whistle and tells the family that they are going snorkeling. They jump in the van and go to the water pipe, as she grabs a nozzle and fills the van full of water. They pop out of the water and Patrick tells them he will be right back. He goes back into the gas station and grabs the food in the microwave. However, he puts even more food in the microwave; the food does not fit, so he gets a smaller microwave and shoves it in the microwave, which works. However, the microwave struggles to keep the food in as Patrick comes back and opens the van, flowing all the water out.

The animal control truck stops by and Marvin comes out, needing to go pee. He enters a restroom stall as Tinkle growls at a person who is scared of him. Marvin grabs out a net and scoops up Tinkle, comes out, and sees Patrick and Squidina looking at the worms. Patrick sees Tinkle in the net and asks Marvin what he is doing. He points out that Tinkle has no licenses and that he is taking him to the pound, also telling Patrick and Squidina to take their arms off the truck. The truck's door then opens, with all the animals coming out, running over Marvin. Tinkle gets out the net and bites Marvin's whole head.

Squidina announces that the family is going to do rock climbing. They climb up the mountain as an employee of the garage points the family to the gas station employee. The family reaches the top and admires the sunset, while the gas station employee has had enough, as he holds the broom by his mouth and climbs the mountain, encountering the family. He tells them that if they do not leave, their faces will be wiped, but the family takes this positively as the employee seems to have had enough. The gas station microwave then beeps as Patrick tells the family that it is now time for dinner. The microwave shoots out all the food vertically, causing the employee to get shot in the air far way, with the family sliding down the mountain.

Squidina then tells the family that their vacation is over and they all get in the van. The employee then returns and GrandPat tells the employee to help him to pack the items. The employee boots GrandPat into the trunk, not helping them to pack. Cecil thanks "Gas Land" for their time and try to go but they have no fuel. Cecil escorts the family out to push the van; they get out but Tinkle remains in. Marvin pops out and is confused on where he is as the episode ends with the family pushing the van home.


  • This is the fifth episode of the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise where SpongeBob is completely absent, as he does not make an appearance and he is not mentioned.


Transcript for Gas Station Vacation

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