80's Krusty Krab Commercial

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The 80's Krusty Krab Commercial is a commercial from the episode Truth or Square. The transcript is:

K R A, B B Y, P A T T Y! Krabby patty, give em a try. Come on down and buy buy buy! Not just one or two or three, but enough for the whole fa mil y! Yes folks, nine out of ten doctors reccomend eating at least one krabby patty a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a youthful positive additude. I'm a doctor! As far as you know. And I belive krabby patties add years to your life. So what are you waiting for? Go out and get yourself a krabby patty. Or buy a sack full of krabbies. Or better yet, go out and get yourself a case of the krabbies! For your health! K R A, B B Y, P A T T Y! Krabby patty. Dun!

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