Transcript: Mr. Magic's Magical Magic Kit Commercial

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This is the Ad about Mr. Magic's Magical Magic Kit.

[edit] Dialogue

Mr. Magic: Are you boring?

Charlie: Yes, yes I am.

Mr. Magic: When friends describe you, do they use words like... (words appear as they are being said) "dull!" or "drab!"?

Charlie:(laughs) Don't forget "platitudinous". (word appears over his head. Mystical head (Mr. Magic) floats beside Charlie)

Mr. Magic: Yes, that too Charlie. But what if I told you that you can change all that with the magic of...magic! (turns Charlie into a magician)

Charlie: (laughs) I look like some kind of magician. Now people won't ignore me.

Mr. Magic: Let's hope not, Charlie. With my "Mister Magic Magical Magic Kit", even you can impress and amaze your friends.

Mr. Magic: Just send $19.95 to me, Mister Magic. (SpongeBob puts an envelope into the mail slot then takes the post office mail can and stuffs it in 'Outgoing Mail')

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