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Hey everyone! I have no clue how you heard of me because my contributions to this site are strictly minor, although occasionally I will type some fan art or write an episode's transcript if I get the time. Well anyway I am honored to not REALLY be nobody, although, as you can see from my username, I am nobody important! Feel free to type something totally random on my talk page. And speaking of random stuff, here's some random stuff about ME for all of you who are interested:

My Gender: Female, aka girl, aka chick, aka senorita, aka... you get the point, HOPEFULLY.

My Age: Currently 11, I was born on October 17, 1997

My Name: none of your business. STALKER!!!

Where I Live: (see my name)

My Favorite State (and no this is not where I live): RHODE ISLAND FOREVER!!!

My Favorite Characters:

Um, I don't know, good question. To tell the truth, I think all the characters are awesome (Stephen Hillenburg is a genius!) but my favorites would have to be probably these guys: Gary (go snails!), Patrick (he's so funny!), Plankton (I love that little guy), Karen (I kinda relate with her in that nobody who's not a serious fan knows who she is), Sandy (she RADIATES girl power), and Sadie Rechid. (Don't ask why, but she has an awesome name, and in that one episode where Squidward quits his job, she serves cookies on a plate! For FREE! Coolest job EVER!)

Characters I Am Most Like

Well, I can be pret-ty stupid some days, so I definitely have at least SOME Patrick in me. However, some days I am tempted to be an evil maniac and take over the world; I can be VERY diabolical some days. Sometimes I'm so evil it's scary! So yeah, I have some Plankton in me too. I'm also kind of nobody important, like a backstage character but without me, we'd be missing some VERY important things! ;) So I have some Karen in me. I'm also a bit like Sandy, not because I am strong and smart and perfect, but because... I'm hyper and I like nuts. I swear, if I could be any animal in general, I bet I'd be a squirrel. Strange but true. ...FINE, I'm a tomboy too! But it's such a COMMON reason to be like Sandy! And I want to be different! Well, I do have that in common with her. *sigh* Oh, and I get angry easily; I get that from Sandy too... and Squidward. I do not especially like money, but I DO freak out over little coins like pennies and nickels and dimes, so I'm a BIT like Mr. Krabs, I guess you could say. Wait, I forgot... I'm also like Pearl. Not because I'm girly or addicted to shopping, but because I'm a blonde. BLONDES UNITE!!! ...That was awkward.

My Friends on SpongePedia

No one yet, unfortunately, but just let me know if you are interested in being my friend. I will PROBABLY say yes, unless I know you in real life and don't like you. But that's highly unlikely, because firstly, only a few people I know in real life go on SpongePedia, secondly, I like all of them, and thirdly, I don't recall ever truly HATING anyone. Everyone is their own individual person, and I'm a nice girl (mostly). I respect that.

What Kind of Music I Like

I have a very, erm, UNIQUE taste in music. I enjoy pop and dance, but I also like myself a good cold-hard rock song every now and then! ...And I like Coldplay, too. They're my favorite band. I listen to 101.9 The Mix. It's my favorite station: a GREAT mix of cheery little pop songs and those gloomy alternatives that I love so much for whatever reason. To whom it might interest: here are my favorite 5 songs. For now. I promise to update it every time it... needs updating.

1. Violet Hill (by Coldplay) 2 Words: Great Song. Hear it for yourself and you'll understand. ...Okay, fine, I bet you won't. Nobody GETS my music taste.

2. All Over You (This one's by Canvas Spill! ...I think. I keep forgetting the band's name. ...Catch that I promoted it?)


4. Fire Burnin' (This one is the one that goes "Somebody call 911!" It's so catchy. I love it!)

5. Beat It (by Michael Jackson) still grieving his death :( but great song!

My Favorite Color

I bet you're thinking, "Dude, you don't need a WHOLE little subtitle for your favorite color." Well, you're wrong because first of all, I am NOT a dude, and second of all, you don't know HOW important someone's favorite color is in their life, and third of all, it's INDIGO. Don't ask.

What I Like To Write

A mix of romance, comedy, action, battle, war, comedy, action, romance, war, comedy, battle, comedy... ummmmmm.... what else... Well, just read my stories. They're signed "by me".

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