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Welcome to SpongePedia,

[edit] Vocabulary

This may not concern you, but remember correct vocabulary with words. Such as: Spell SpongeBob with a Capital S and a capital B for bob. Not spongebob, not Spongebob, not spongeBob, but SpongeBob ! Please also use every character’s name with a capital—example: write [[SpongeBob SquarePants|SpongeBob]] and when you click "Save page" it will come out with a link like this: SpongeBob!

Enjoy SpongePedia and I hope you succeed in this site. Please, contact any of the Team on their talk pages if you have a problem :)

[edit] Uploads

Hi, you've uploaded two images, both way bigger than 50 kb which is the maximum size we allow. One image is even 346 kb. Before you upload an image, please make sure it is not bigger than 50 kb. Thanks, Myotis 00:55, 16 March 2011 (CET)

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