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HELLOES, I be Billy the Random Fish, and I am some random 14-year-old dude from Florida. I have been a SpongeBob fan for about, oh, 6 years or so. I am not going to be all that active here, probably, and I mostly made this account to correct spelling/grammar mistakes, and maybe to make the articles more neutral-point-of-view or easier to read. I don't have cable at my house, but I do have Netflix, so I'm actually not all that caught up in the SpongeBob community. My favorite episode would have to be some sort of satirical, parody-type episode, like Sailor Mouth or SB-129. I have noticed a slight decline in quality in the show ever since about Season 5, but I try to look on the positive side of things, so I blame it on all the intelligent humor that went over the younger viewers' heads that I guess they decided to have less of so it could be funnier to the main fanbase (by that, I mean about 5-8-year-olds). And, if a kid's show has been around for longer than most of it's fans, it's likely they're gonna start running out of ideas before it gets a TV-14 rating slapped on the corner. SpongeBob still manages to make me laugh, though. I have also noticed a bit of an increase in quality and humor in the most recent episodes, so I am hopeful for the future. I don't wanna grow out of SpongeBob! I wanna stay a fan! He's a part of my life!

Of course I'm going to make a whole paragraph just for this: I am one of those people who believes SpongeBob does have a crush on Sandy. I mean, really, think about this for a second; If Sandy's official biography states that Sandy is "the only thing under the sea SpongeBob likes better than his job at the Krusty Krab" (and any self-respecting SpongeBob fan knows all too well how much Spongey loooooves his job), then that means SpongeBob must be positively kooky for her! ...That was a joke, of course.

I'm really sorry I haven't been active at all lately. Lots of stuff happened, and I simply forgot or lost interest in visiting SpongePedia.

I'd like it to be known that due to my undying love for movies and animation, and my dream of bieng a famous director when I grow up, I am currently working on an animated short film! It's sort of a light-hearted character exploration film, and it's packed with meanings and messages, just the way I like it. It's called Ponderings of the Self-Conscious Household Objects. This has no importance to you in any way, but hey, it's my userpage. I just want it to be known that I'm doing something with my time.


Christmas Who, Krusty Towers, The Slumber Party, The Endless Summer were very good episodes and a very good short.

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