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Cross between a fused DBZ charachter and SpongeBob SquarePants lol.

"Get some lives, vandals! Do something, I don't know, NORMAL!"- Some random Admin. I dunno. I just thought it was funny. "Hello, imma delicious meal, how wonderful to meet you! Please pay money for me so that your old pal Plankton doesn't LOSE EVERYTHING HE SPENT HIS ENTIRE LIFE WORKING FOR!!!"-Plankton "Way to go buddy. It took us 3 days to make that potato salad. THREE DAYS!!!! etc."-Random spammer who doesn't care for the Jellyfish who roam this wiki.


--Gotenksbob 01:07, 30 November 2008 (GMT)Gotenksbob A.K.A sponge


I have images that are non-canon like the Dark Jellyfish and Yu-Gi-Oh cards but i made them and i'm afraid people will get mad at me for posting them like at the Pikmin Wiki (I had to take them off But im still Ok).

Welcome to the Gobob Zone.


[edit] Origin

I was called sponge on my first user profile, but i clicked "mail me new password" on accident. I was supposed to click the button that logs people in. I no longer own that page due to accidental password loss. Now i came up with a new password and profile name.

[edit] Spongebob and gotenks

Gotenks is the fusion of Goten and Trunks. Spongebob is the nautical sponge who lives under the sea. Gotenksbob is The Very absorbent version of Gotenks.

[edit] Things i need help with

  • Becoming an administrator and/or KKDW.
  • Editing the SpongeBob page.

[edit] Ideas for pages

  • SpongeBob's near-death experiences.
  • Patrick's special abilities.
  • More of the Slumber Party transcript.
  • more info on Ditchin'

[edit] News

*Sigh* iiiiiimmmmmmm booooorrrreeeeddddd ayayay.

[edit] Games

  • Demolition Sponge. Go around as SpongeBob, Shooting jellyfish with your Bubble-Blaster. Beware when the BG Turns red.
  • LOVE HURTS! RUN AWAY FROM PATRICK! That's the only objective. my hi score is 16765.

[edit] Arranged foods

[edit] Pizza

[edit] burgers

[edit] Kelp/Barnacle/Coral/Real-world Related

[edit] other

[edit] Fanart

[edit] Curse of the Chum Bucket

Plankton tests out the new camera Karen installed but the Flying Dutchman gets mad at him for taking pictures of his grave (Doesn't want anyone to know he's dead) and turns him into a ghost. Plankton uses this to scare people into the Chum Bucket, but it goes awry when he tries to steal the formula. (He accidentaly forgets he can't make one object pass another.)

[edit] Curse of Cash

Mr.Krabs digs up the Flying Dutchman's grave for money and turns into a ghost. He starts stealing money, souls and a bit of...CHOCOLATE!!!!! But it all goes awry when the Krusty Krab goes out of buisiness (Without a boss to run it).

[edit] Curse of the Haunted Clarinet

Squidward cuts one of his flowers off of his garden with his lawn mower and the Flying Dutchman tells him that it belonged to him and now that he did that, Squidward tuns into a ghostFirst he wants to play his clarinet, but he would have to make the clarinet a ghost, too. He then decides to use this to scare SpongeBob and Patrick into moving, but when they're just about to get to that point, he turns back to normal because if that flower grew back, Squidward would no longer be a ghost. SpongeBob vows never to move for as long as he lives (Patrick vowed that too, but as long as chocolate existed in Bikini Bottom.) Squidward pleads to be a ghost again, but it fails so he rips the flower up but it already died so he tries to get rid of all the chocolate supply, but chocolate keeps growing rapidly. He asks if SpongeBob can turn into a ghost again, but no. It already happened. Squidward does not have the money to move (again) and the episode ends when Squidward decides to move the easter island head himself, no matter the consequences and he succesfully does.

[edit] Trivia of Curse of Cash

  • This episode is paired with Curse of the Haunted Clarinet and both are sequels to Curse of Bikini Bottom

[edit] Curse of...uhhhhh...

Patrick gets tuned into a ghost again but this time, his body is spearate and the Flying Dutchman posseses it and ruins his life (And ironically, his death (Not really dead, he's a ghost so it counts as dead))

[edit] Trivia of Curse of....uhhhhh....

  • Patrick gets his life and death back in order by working at the Ghostly Krab (Like the Krusty Krab, only ghostly)
  • Scooter (Ghost form) appears as the fry cook in the Ghostly Krab and gets fired so Patrick can have a spot.
  • Scooter (Ghost form) says " My death has no meaning if i don't have a job, dude!" and turns back to normal when he gets fired.
  • The Ghostly Krab doesn't have a formula for Ghostie Patties, But a soul (Because there would be nothing for Phankton (Plankton's ghost counter part, portameu of Phantom and Plankton) to steal).
  • Phankton has horns and a tail with the Chum Bucket Fist on the end.
  • Phankton is rivals with Plankton, despite being the same person.
  • Both episodes are paired and are sequels to Curse of Bikini Bottom.
  • Patrick is way more stupid as a ghost.
  • The scene where The Flying Dutchman (In Patrick's body) tells SpongeBob he's not his friend is similar to the scene in Opposite Day when SpongeBob tells Patrick he hates him.
  • K-X29 (Karen's ghost counterpart) Can only speak in binary code ("001101011010110" means "That's what you said when you tried to boil the Flying Dutchman in a giant ghostly bisqe").

[edit] Quotes to Curse of....uhhhh....

  • K-X29:001101011010110 (Translation: see trivia)

Phankton: i can still feel the cold..

  • Phankton:NO! I'll steal the Ghostly Krab's secret soul first before he (Plankton) can steal the Krabby Patty secret formula!
  • Scooter: Hahahaha! Making these things is a blast! (Flips patty)

Flying Dutchman: You're fired, Scooter.
Scooter: What, dude? Flying Dutchman: YOU'RE FIRED!
Scooter: Aw, man.
Flying Dutchman: I know.

  • Patrick: Uhhhhhh.....

Patrick: AHHHHHHHHH! WHERE!?!?!?

[edit] Even more of a Sailor mouth

Now that people have stopped saying (Dolphin) and started saying (AWOOOGA!) it became the new number 7 (Mr.Krabs decided there are just 7 now because Sea Shanty (Seal barking was Sea Shanty... i think) or any other Pirate related slang wasn't that offensive). SpongeBob and Patrick begin 'swearing' up a storm (Not really, just the noises) and SpongeBob almost gets fired (SpongeBob thought he meant all of the 11 bad words were declared non-offensive). Bikini Bottom also becomes the Most Offensive Town of 2009 and Mr.Krabs can't stand it so he starts an angry mob after him. SpongeBob decides to send a message to Bikini Bottom saying that the 7/11 bad words aren't bad at all, you just can't say them. It doesn't work. SpongeBob decides to sing Oh Krusty Krab (With different lyrics) one last time before getting thrown into the Bisqe Below The Cliff. This soothes Bikini Bottom, everyone stops 'swearing' and Bikini Bottom is now Most Beutiful Town of 2009. SpongeBob got to keep the bisque and is now the most non-offensive guy in Biknini Bottom. Mr.Krabs will not fire SpongeBob, and the Krusty Krab became... Krusty.

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