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Today is Monday, June 15. Now is year 2020.

I have polls! ®


[edit] Rules

  • DO NOT copy. If you want to, then ask me.
  • If the poll you want has a R on the end, that means this poll is only for registered users. DO NOT register only for voting.
  • To vote, ask me on the talk on the bottom. Administrators can vote directly.
  • Only registered users can suggest polls. DO NOT register only for suggesting.
  • If you don't follow the rules, I will revert the edit.

[edit] Polls

Here are the polls:

[edit] AOTM (Article of the Month) R

See TattleTaleStrangler's mind here. I agree.

Agreed users (3): +++
Disagreed users (0):

[edit] Orphaned pages

This is my thought and I agree. Pages only linked from 1 link are also very bad. If there is a redirect linking to an orphaned page, and the redirect is orphaned, then the page theoretically IS orphaned, unless somebody links to the redirect (Orphaned redirects must be changed/deleted, unless the redirect is linking to an episode article) or the page.

Agreed users (0):
Disagreed users (0):

[edit] List of users voted

[edit] Design

  • user (answer)

[edit] AOTM

[edit] Orphaned

[edit] Talk

Feel free to ask.

[edit] Article of the Month

I don't know if I'm allowed to write here but I agree too. It's useful as in the German SpongePedia, only that it is changed once a month. SpongieBurger Talk

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