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Hall Monitor!
The Hall Monitor in Hall Monitor
Hall Monitor and Patrick

The Hall Monitor is an alter ego of SpongeBob seen in the episode with the same name Hall Monitor. Mrs. Puff was trying to pick a hall monitor of the week, but everyone (except SpongeBob) was already picked.


SpongeBob: Yahoo! Hall monitor SpongeBob reporting for duty, ma’am! I am ready to assume my the hall! I will protect all that are the hall! All rules will be the hall!

Mrs. Puff: Ok! Just take the hat and belt. (tries handing him uniform)

SpongeBob: I can’t accept that yet, ma’am. First I have to make my speech.

Mrs. Puff: You can’t make this easy, can you?

SpongeBob: Classmates!! Who am I to deserve such a great honor? Why, I would be nothing without Mrs. Puff.

Mrs. Puff: Give me a break.

SpongeBob: And to my public, all I can say is I’m touched. And furthermore, I will carry out my duties... (clock moves forward in time as SpongeBob continues his speech) ...crime and punishment, punishment and crime in the hall! (at this point, everyone is almost asleep) Which reminds me of an extremely long speech written by the greatest hall monitor of all time. (takes out a long roll of paper) Friends, students, juvenile delinquents, lend me your ears. (the clock has disappeared, and it is now much later in the day. Puff is asleep at her desk) In conclusion, and without a moment to spare, I will put on this uniform (takes out the hat and belt) and assume my duties as... (puts on the uniform) ...hall monitor! Wish me luck, Mrs. Puff! (walks towards the door then turns around) Oh, and I will be... (bell rings as all students run over SpongeBob)

Things He Did

  • Helped traffic at a broken light.
  • Closed someone's window
  • Accused Patrick for spilling ice cream.
  • Got Mrs. Puff arrested.


The Hall Moniter was known as the Maniac to the citizens of Bikini Bottom because of his destruction towards the city. Also Patrick couldn't recocgnize Maniac wich was SpongeBob. At the end Patrick saw the Maniac A.K.A SpongeBob but he thought it was the Maniac so Patrick told SpongeBob on the Walkie Talkie that he sees the Maniac. So SpongeBob asks him where he is? Patrick says "At the intersection of Conch and Coral." Then SpongeBob says "That's where I am" Then so on Patrick keeps telling SpongeBob to go somewhere to get away from the Maniac. Then SpongeBob sees the Wanted Poster of the Maniac. Then SpongeBob notices him and says "Wait Patrick, I'm the Maniac." Then he shows the poster and the Police show up and the officer says " We'll take that as a confession." Then Mrs. Puff shows up and says "SpongeBob Squarepants I turn my back around and you destroy half the city, you should be ashamed of your self." Then the officer says " You know this guy?" Mrs. Puff: Of Course I'm the one who gave him the uniform in the first place, he's my responsibility. Then Mrs. Puff is arrested and she's teaching class by being aired on tv in jail. Mrs Puff: Oh and SpongeBob I'd like to see you after class 6 months from now. Then the jail bar closes.

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