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Patrick's Photo with Glovey Glove

Glovey Glove is the official mascot of Glove World and first appeared in the episode Roller Cowards, where SpongeBob and Patrick were too scared to ride on the Fiery Fist O Pain, and later decided to do other things around the park, to 'make the Fist O Pain seem even cooler'. One of the people that SpongeBob came across was Glovey Glove. SpongeBob wanted to take a picture of Patrick with Glovey Glove, although he was quite nervous, but when he saw the picture, he said "I look great!". Then they took SpongeBob's picture with Glovey Glove, but somehow, Patrick got in the shot. He was mentioned in Glove World RIP.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • The Glovey Glove mascot might be a parody of the Mickey Mouse mascot.
  • When SpongeBob was taking the picture Patrick was shivering, however when the picture was shown, Patrick was pointing at Glovey Glove
  • He appears in Spongebob's Next Biggest Adventures at Glove Universe. If you give him prizes, he will let you enter the Tunnel of Glove control room and rescue Sandy from the park manager.

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