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<big><br><center>I won't be here at SpongePedia for some days or longer because of some private stuff :( For questions, please contact another administrator. 08:11, 27 June 2011 (CEST)</center></big>
==Hello to everybody==
==Hello to everybody==
'''Announcement''': "Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present: Theeeeee TattleTaleStrangler!"<br><br>
'''Announcement''': "Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present: Theeeeee TattleTaleStrangler!"<br><br>

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[edit] Hello to everybody

Announcement: "Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present: Theeeeee TattleTaleStrangler!"

Somebody: "Mr Strangler, how would you describe yourself in let's say one sentence?"
Tts: "Oh, that's easy, I'm the evil TattleTaleStrangler, but don't be afraid, the only thing I strangle is misspellings :). Additionally, I will try to improve the English SpongePedia, for there still is a lot of work to do."
Somebody: "That have been two sentences..."
Tts: "You wanna be strangled, don't ya?!"
Somebody: "No no no! I beg you pardon. Well, that all sounds very nice. Do you have any experiences in working in Wikis or special knowledge about SpongeBob SquarePants?
Tts: "Oh yes, of course I have. In the German SpongePedia I'm known as the even more evil Quatschtütenwürger. And when I got to know that there is a lot of Spam and work to do in the English SpongePedia too I decided to create an account here as well. Maybe I will find time to improve the English SpongePedia."
Somebody: "Mr Strangler, thank you for this interview." Tts: "You're welcome, my strangleable friend. Hahahahaha!"

Well, now you can see, what sort of bloke the Tts is^^ Greetings to all I know and all I don't know as well!
--TtsDisk 01:22, 28 February 2010 (PST)

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