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Patrick! The Game was a game created by Patrick featured in the episode of the same name. It also appears in Plankton Gets the Boot.


[edit] Description

Patrick used a numerous amounts of games and toys including Apologies, Battling Robo-Tops, The Game of Misery, Grab 'Em Twigs, Bottomopoly, Sea Snakes and Ladders, Secret Date, World Take Over, Battle Boats, Surgery, Brain Trivia, Rat Catcher, Birdiecheesi, Cavityland, and a Slot Car Race Set, to make Patrick! The Game by cutting, gluing, taping them together, and bringing it to life Frankenstein-style.

[edit] Rules

  • If a player is in jail, he or she has to stay in there until they roll a 6, or someone says their name; the former, however, is purposeless, as a player may not roll when they are in jail.
  • If a person declares "outsidsies", all players must go outside.
  • No player may declare himself/herself automatic winner.

[edit] Role in the episode

When SpongeBob and Patrick were playing Certified Public Accountant, they thought the game was too boring. They decided to play louder, but this annoyed Squidward. He gave Patrick an idea to make a game, so he decided to invent a game. First, he decided to create games such as Tic Tac, Rock, Paper, Butter, and Whose Rope is Longer?, and allowed Squidward to test out his games. After all of his games were failures (Squidward won every single game of Tic Tic, trashed Rock, Paper, Butter by saying an awful pun, and easily won Whose Rope is Longer? before Patrick could explain the rules), Patrick decided to go ask Sandy for advice, and she suggested using elements from other games he likes, and begins to start researching. Thus, Patrick! The Game was created. However, the game has been destroyed by Squidward, due to his anger about him losing the game. Weirdly, the game is fully intact in "Plankton Gets the Boot."

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Trivia

  • At the end of the episode, it says the game is for ages 6 and under and may cause brain damage.
  • The game contains elements from Monopoly and Operation, among others.
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