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The Exterior of Patchy's House
Patchy's SpongeBob picture collection

Parchy house is the house where they live Patchy the Pirate and Potty the Parrot. The House of Patchy, the pirate and his parrot Potty located in Encino, California north of Los Angeles. From the outside it looks like an ordinary terraced house, but the interior is pirate furniture and all sorts of other odds and ends-with fur seals. Strikingly often found explosives, fuses, guns and dynamite. Because Patchy also an avid SpongeBobfan is, he has all sorts of SpongeBob products, so is his entire bedroom with SpongeBob merchandising products covered. In the episode, SpongeBob's House Party Patchy celebrating a big party at his house, which is recognizable that this is definitely a bigger house is in order. Is particularly common but Patchys or TV room to see residential, in which he (new) SpongeBob episodes such as the episode The Flying sponge an old tube radio looks at. Besides this device, he also has a suitable video recorder / player. Patchys House Is A Ranch And Was Built In 1966.


[edit] Aparence

is like a normal house but patchy oak has every detail nautical style:

  • Windows in the form of Plank
  • Lamps in the form of wheel and pirate header
  • The tapestry of her room is a map.
  • Your room is full of goods SpongeBob.

[edit] the house has

  • kitchen
  • Quarter
  • Quarte
  • One-story
  • Bath

but other details that have never been seen in the series

[edit] Aparences

[edit] Trivia

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