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The Feather Friends is a secret lodge, which SpongeBob and Patrick made up, after when they never got into the Lodge with Squidward. The Feather Friends just appear in the episode Cephalopod Lodge.


[edit] Members

The Feather Friends

[edit] Traditions

  • Chanting the well-known nursery rhyme "Pat-a-cake" as a secret handshake.
  • Only being allowed in the lodge by a jellyfish sting on the tongue as an initiation.
  • Dressing up in chicken costumes.
  • Rivalry with the Feather Buddies since that the Feather Friends wanted that name.

[edit] History

At one time in his life, Squidward Tentacles joined the Cephalopod Lodge. This made him happy on every third Wednesday of every month. One time, SpongeBob and Patrick followed him to an inituation to the Lodge. When Roger spotted them, they were kicked out and Squidward was banned.

On the way home, SpongeBob and Patrick created a new club for Squidward, which he would be the leader to. The next day, Squidward got chicken robes delivered to him from the "Feather Friends". When Squidward begged to be let back in to the Lodge, the Feather Friends were together forever.

[edit] About the Club

The headquarters of the Feather Friends are in Bikini Bottom at Squidward's house even though he does not want to have anything to do with the club. The Feather Friends were founded because when Squidward goes to his Cephalopod Lodge club SpongeBob and Patrick follow him unknown to him. They sneak into the club past the Lodge leader Brother Roger and when spotted by the members and Squidward after reacting in shock they come to the mistaken assumption that Squidward is in fault for bringing strangers into the club and kick him out with both SB and Patrick. Squidward is furious and so SB and Patrick try to reason with Brother Roger but just when they are close to convincing Roger to let Squidward back in the club Patrick insults him leading Squidward to be banned for life. Squidward angrily goes home and SB takes a sarcastic comment to form the Feather Friends. They suggest stupid traditions to "The Lodge Expert" for the Feather Friends including chanting "Pat-A-Cake" as a secret handshake (To easy as everybody knows it), a Jellyfish sting on the tongue to be allowed in as an initiation (Too painful and too personal for two species than for a specific species of fish), and dressing up in chicken costumes (Too embarrassing). Squidward rejects these ideas and so SB and Patrick give up and team up to get Squidward back into the lodge club by dressing up as an eel with a sock and sneak into the club to terrorize everybody leaving Squidward to become the hero of the members. It succeeds but when Squidward is happily let back in the Cephalopod Lodge the plan fails at the last minute because SB and Patrick foolishly come out to congratulate Squidward in front of the others leading the three to be kicked out once more. SB and Patrick offer the Feather Friends and its initiation to Squidward once more to his displeasure.

[edit] Defunct

The club presumably defunct in the year that it was created because it is not mentioned, its traditions are no longer seen and since Squidward was not wanting to be the leader of the club as his role is in the club members. It also possibly defunct due to nobody else joining and with the president (Squidward) declining the job offer and remaining as a cashier for the Krusty Krab and his musician job the club ends up disbanding for good.

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[edit] Trivia

  • They were originally called Feather Buddies, but that name was taken.
  • You have to wear chicken costumes in the club.
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