The Secret Royal Order of the Good Neighbor Lodge

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SpongeBob calling the meeting of The Good Neighbor Lodge to order

The Secret Royal Order of the Good Neighbor Lodge is the meeting held in the episode Good Neighbors. In this meeting, the member of the Good Neighbor Lodge discuss problems and etc... The members in the Good Neighbor lodge are: SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward (president), though Squidward didn't want to.

[edit] History

The lodge was set up to help protect town. It is unknown if the group is still there or may have ended cause in the end of the episode they were forced by law to clean and repair the town every Sunday which maybe the day they have their meetings.

[edit] Members

  • Squidward-President(Didn't want to be. First order he sent was to paint all of the tress polka dots.)
  • SpongeBob-Founder/Maybe Vice President(For some reason he wasn't president but he may have given his power as president before to squid.)
  • Patrick-Member.

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