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The Old Hags Known as the Mild Ones

The Mild Ones are an elderly bicycle gang that ride around Bikini Bottom and other undersea locations. The Mild Ones were only seen in "Born To Be Wild. Currently there are only 5 members, 1 of which is Old Man Jenkins. And he is also leader of the gang. Squidward later joined so now there are 6 members. But it is unknown after the episode if Squidward is still a member of the gang.


[edit] Members

[edit] Misinterpretation

In the episode, SpongeBob thought that The Mild Ones were called the ILD Ones but then after ripping a letter off from one of the members jackets he thought it was Wild Ones, and rumor has it was that the Wild Ones were dangerous. So SpongeBob went to the Krusty Krab to tell Squidward and Mr. Krabs. They did not believe him, and Mr. Krabs even decided to make a bike themed Krusty Krab because of course he thinks that they were coming to eat Krabby Patties. When the Mild Ones Got to Bikini Bottom, everyone panicked and went on a rampage. But there was nothing to worry about, the Mild Ones did not hurt anyone. On top of that, Squidward joined the Mild Ones and they accepted it!

[edit] Appearance

The Mild Ones all ride fancy motorbikes and wear leather jackets. On the back of the jackets are letters that display: The Mild Ones in a white text. They also wear blue jeans and hazel colored helmets. They were considered to be intimidating but they are fairly harmless.

[edit] Enemies

  • The Bikini Bottom Bad Boys
  • Mr.Krabs- after he asks for their money

No Allies officially but the members it self.

[edit] Bikini Bottom Bad Boys

The Bikini Bottom Bad Boys are here.

[edit] History

After SpongeBob found about the gang the wild ones. He started a gang called the Bikini Botton Bad Boys to protect the wild ones from terrorizing Bikini Bottom. It only had SpongeBob and Patrick as the gang members. They tried to get Squidward to join but he kept refusing after they asked so many times. The gang may have departure after the episode and things with the other gang were settled, but it is unknown after that. Patrick was too scared to face the gang so he left in a bus then in a plane then he jumped on top of a rocket ship and left. Later Squid joined the wild ones so the last remaining member was sponge and the gang since then broke-up since spongebob was the last member and was alone to carry on the gang himself.

[edit] Enemies

  • The Wild Ones- But later settled
  • Mr.Krabs-after making fun of the them and he refused them to stop the Wild Ones, but later settled

No Allies officially but the wild ones as an ally is not yet considered, maybe the gangs members it self,Krabs,and Squdiward until the gang's unknown end.

[edit] Members

  • SpongeBob-Founder/Leader
  • Patrick-May have left after he was scared to face the gang
  • Squidward-said no but SpongeBob listed him as undecided. After Patrick left SpongeBob said it was just him and Squid (even though he was not a member. But he was listed undecided by Sponge so which made him say he was still part of the gang.) But he left to join the wild ones even though he said no to join.

[edit] Parts of the gang

  • The Real Gang
  • Biker Club
  • Biker Organization
  • Biker Alliance
  • Biker Outfit
  • Biker Fellowship
  • Collation-Patrick said it was pretty exclusive
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