Episode Transcript: Hello Bikini Bottom!

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Episode Article: Hello Bikini Bottom!

[edit] Characters

[edit] Dialogue

(episode starts with Squidward emerging from his house)

Squidward: (slurps) Maybe I'll... practice my clarinet. Ah-he-he-hem. (plays jazzy tune)

SpongeBob: Kind of sounds like Squidward's practicing his clarinet over there. Doesn't it, Gary? Gary? Well, I can't just stand by and let him practice alone. Then what kind of a friend and neighbor would I be? Not that kind that I... (metal tinges and takes out guitar) ...would want. (Squidward continues playing his clarinet until SpongeBob opens his window and he starts to play along. Squidward stops playing his clarinet after noticing SpongeBob) Hi, neighbor! (SpongeBob and Squidward continue playing together until Squidward blows his clarinet out of his mouth)

Squidward: Gah! Dah! Dah! Dah!

SpongeBob: Should we take it from the top?

Squidward: The day I willingly practice my musical art with you is the day I grow hair on my... (Notices a fish clapping from him)

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