Episode Transcript: Mooncation

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Episode Article: Mooncation

[edit] Characters

[edit] Dialogue

Patrick: (walking) So why are we going to Sandy's house?

SpongeBob: To see her vacation slides for the hu.. (gets smacked in face by door) Ow!

ZDS Agent: (walking out the door with his partner and the slides) We got the slides, sir.

Patrick: Who?...What?...Why? (both get dragged in by Sandy)

Sandy: (taking SpongeBob and Patrick) Those two agents from the Zero Dryland Security just confiscated all my vacation slides, boys. Or so they think... (pulls a tree trunk lever to activate a secret hideout) You see, (puts the two on two chairs. Goes to a copy of the vacation slides) Someone already made six copies. (SpongeBob raises his hand) Yes, SpongeBob?

SpongeBob: Who is this someone? Do we know him?

Sandy: By someone, I was implying me, SpongeBob. (Patrick raises his hand) Yes, Patrick?

Patrick: Can you not imply anymore? It's confusing.

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