Dead Eye Funeral Parlor and Ice Cream Parlor

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The Dead Eye Funeral Parlor
The Ice Cream Parlor

Dead Eye Funeral Parlor is a parlor in the episode: Pest of the West, in which people make coffins for other people's dead bodies. Dead Eye Plankton killed most people and so that's why they made coffins. The Coffinmaker made a coffin for SpongeBuck, because he thought that SpongeBuck wouldn't last a minute in Dead Eye Gulch. There is also a Ice Cream shop called the Ice Cream Parlor. The Coffinmaker sells the Ice Cream as well as making the coffins. Here SpongeBuck buys an Ice Cream before he goes into the Krusty Kantina. After Spongebuck buys an ice cream and turns round, the Coffinmaker starts measuring him. Then when Spongebuck leaves, the Coffinmaker pulls out a coffin for Spongebuck, because he thinks he's going to die.

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