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The Biologist!

The Biologist is a character from the PC game Lights, Camera, Pants!.


He is a green or brown fish, and has glasses and facial hair. He wears a cream-colored hat with a cream-colored shirt and black boots as well.


When you find him in the game he tells SpongeBob random facts about Jellyfish, and asked SpongeBob to get him a solar radar thing that helps him figure out more about jelly fish. To get the solar radar, you have to get a pearl from a clam and swap it for the solar radar with Mack Mackeral. Then trade the solar radar for a battery with the biologist.


  • He appeared in Jellyfish Fields.
  • He reveals that Jellyfish are aliens looking for a secret portal (Which SpongeBob finds and goes into during the game) located in Jellyfish Fields!
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