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Welcome to SpongePedia,



This may not concern you, but remember correct vocabulary with words. Such as: Spell SpongeBob with a Capital S and a capital B for bob. Not spongebob, not SpongeBob, not spongeBob, but SpongeBob ! Please also use every character’s name with a capital—example: write [[SpongeBob SquarePants|SpongeBob]] and when you click "Save page" it will come out with a link like this: SpongeBob!

Enjoy SpongePedia and I hope you succeed in this site. Please, contact any of the Team on their talk pages if you have a problem :)

 :) I am Andrewrox

Hey Plankton743, as you may know, i sent you a message before and i am sending you one now. i am andrewrox, an admin around here. Your work as of late has been very good and i would like to give u some feedback.

Your New articles

Your new articles are good, but you need to do the follwing with your pictures:

[[Image:name of picture.jpg|thumb|what side you want it to be on|What you wanna write under the picture]]. Thumb means thumbnail and you have to choose what side it goes on. and name it too, (i already did it for your pictures.

User Page

Becuase you have made a few articles, it is best for you to make a user page, you cna get stuff for it and i wll put it on the new user list on the main page. please create a page, that would be great. Did You Know that my page has been viewed over 2000 times, just becuase i contributed, uploaded and write articles and becuase it was on the main page. if you write back a comment on my talk page about what you think as soon as possible, then your name will be on the main Page.! well done and please contact me back on my talk page. i will be waiting for your response :) --Andrewrox 03:44, 31 December 2007 (GMT)


im Stormy41992, another large contributer and admin/sysop to SpongePedia! great articles, but can you make them a little longer, and add things for characters like images and more information? if you can, i really appreciate it! Stormy41992 05:22, 1 January 2008 (GMT)Stormy41992


Hey Plankton743!, I see that you added a plot to the Blackened Sponge Episode. i was wondering if you like the revamp I did to the article. i added an ifobox to make it be better. What do you think? --Andrewrox Talk 04:57, 3 February 2008 (GMT)

Hello. please use the "Show preview" button instead of saving each little edit as you did on Mama Krabs. Thank you. Myotis 01:02, 22 February 2008 (GMT)

Starr? as in Ringo Starr?

Beatlesnicole 06:04, 8 May 2008 (BST)

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