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SpongeBob SquarePants is a cartoon that is loved and watched by millions of children and families around the globe. We here at SpongePedia do our best to maintain a healthy and safe environment on this site. We SpongePedia Admins promise that there is nothing but info about SpongeBob and his friends, and that there is no explicit words or content on this site.

Never have we had a complaint from anyone about rudeness or disrespectful information on SpongePedia, and that is because we let nothing slip.

This website also does NOT contain any malware (virus) files, mainly due to the fact that only images can be downloaded, nothing else. If your son/daughter wants a picture of SpongeBob or the Krusty Krab, well he/she can take it!* SpongePedia will also not slow down internet speeds, your computer or anything else that requires you to do anything on you computer. Nothing will go wrong.

*Make sure you copy the image at a lower file size

If you find something wrong

If you happen to find something racial, offensive or bad, then report it to anyone listed here. They will fix it ASAP!
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