The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Magazine

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The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Magazine
Content: 56 pages
Language: English
Rating: General
Release Date: 2004/2005


The Glub Club: Interviewing the main cast of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie about the movie, their favourite SpongeBob product or even if they buy yellow sponges!

Behind The Sponge: Backstage of how the movie was made.

Fishful Thinking: Interviewing Stephen Hillenburg about the movie.

Trivia - In the book it is mispelled as Steve Hillenburg

Bottle From The Sky: Comic about how two kids send their drawings to SpongeBob and Patrick, which come to life and cause mayhem in Bikini Bottom.

How to draw Plankton: A step-by-step instruction page of how to draw Plankton!

Nope Day: Comic where Patrick asks SpongeBob what day it is, it turns out to be Nope Day!

SpongeBob's guesses were:
  • Patrick's Birthday
  • Jellyfishing Day
  • Hula Day
  • Eat More Corn Day
  • Paint Your Shoes Day
  • Armpit Lather Day
  • Wet Noodle Sculpture Day
  • Extra Thumb Day
  • Give Mr. Krabs All Your Money Day
  • Great Pickle Race Day
  • Drive Squidward To Madness Day

Untold Tales of The Goofy Goobers: Comic about how Squidward is going to see the concert hall, but finding out it has been replaced with Goofy Goobers (which explains the smokestacks in the movie/games) and SpongeBob and Patrick enjoy themselves while Squidward has a symphony in the "Parent Zone".

Trivia - Something called The "Can-Opener Museum" is mentioned.

My Greatest Adventure Of All Time! (By Patrick Star): A story where Patrick tells us about his jouney into Shell City.

The Adventures Of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy: Mermaid Man and Barnacle boy go to save the day from Plankton's bucket-helmets!

King Neptune in Hair Today...: A comic about how King Neptune gets a "hair-cut"!

Princess Mindy in The Fin Doctor: King Neptune's servants' fins fall off (something called fin-fluenza!)

Sandy Cheeks: Small comic where Sandy's suit pops.

Name Popping: Wordfind.

Dollars and Scents: A comic where Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob and Squidward find a cologne for Mr. Krab's date for Mrs. Puff.

SpongeBob Scramble: Comic/Activity where everything is scrambled up.

Plankton: The College Years: Comic where Mr. Krabs and Plankton are in college and Mr. Krabs crushes Plankton in many ways.

Boating School: Comic where SpongeBob has a dream about being in his underpants, but in reality he is not wearing anything at boating school.

I... will.. destroy... this...Quiz!: Quiz where you spot the fakes of Plankton's many failed evil plans.

Goofy Goober Placemat: Small placemat where you do fun activities on.

Message From Beyond: Comic where SpongeBob gets some foot massagers to relax his feet, but gets out of control.

Dis-Service Station: Some lame jokes about the movie.


  • One saying "BIG ACTION" and if you turn it over it says "More absorbent than ever" with a picture of an absorbed SpongeBob.
  • One saying "Big Evil and Big Drama"
  • One saying "Big Romance and Big Twists"

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