SpongeBob: Comic Crazy...Take 2!

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Comic Crazy... Take 2!
Content: Mini Comics
Language: English
Rating: General
Preceded by: Comic Crazy!
Followed by: TBA

Comic crazy...Take 2! is the sequel to Comic Crazy!.

[edit] Comics

  • Turbo Snail (SpongeBob tries to ride Gary)
  • Pyschic Snail (Gary reads Patrick's mind)
  • Scary Noises (A monster is in the Pineapple home!)
  • Accept No Substitutes! (When Mrs. Puff is sick, Patrick becomes the substitue teacher!)
  • Fearless Cheeks (Sandy is not afraid of anything....except an innocent prank by SpongeBob and Patrick)
  • Keep Away From Krabs! (Mr. Krabs becomes Mayor for the Day and hires SpongeBob and Patrick to be his bodyguards)
  • Krusty Karen (Plankton makes Karen mad, so she takes a job at the Krusty Krab)
  • Mermaidman Cleans Up (Mermaidman cleans up!)
  • The Big Race (Squidward is competing in a race, but he doesn't expect SpongeBob and Patrick to show up)
  • Dance Contest (SpongeBob's new, electronic shoes go crazy and help him win a contest!)
  • Staring Contest (SpongeBob and Patrick compete in the ultimate staring contest)
  • Fingers! (SpongeBob leaves town when he realizes no one else has fingers)
  • Drawings in a Bottle (Two human kids send drawings that terrorize Bikni Bottom)
  • SpongeBob Goes Casual (Patrick gives SpongeBob new clothes that impress the citizens of Bikni Bottom, making SpongeBob famous)
  • Hair Tonic (SpongeBob wants hair)
  • Hungry for Heroes (Patrick is hungry, and SpongeBob's comic book is the only "food" nearby)
  • Molt Jolt (SpongeBob believes his cooking mistake has killed Mr. Krabs!)
  • Patrick's Pineapple Makeover (Patrick destroys the Pineapple home!)
  • Sandy Goes on a Tear (Sandy tears her spacesuit on a cactus)

[edit] Trivia

Many believe this book has not been released yet, but it actually has been out for more than a year.

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