The Land of Perpetual Excitement

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The Land of Perpetual Excitement is a book Patrick reads to SpongeBob in the episode InSPONGEiac.


[edit] Plot

The story is about a "sleepy little boy" who is "the sleepiest boy in all the kingdom." One night, the boy nestles into bed for a long slumber and is sprinkled with mystical "sleepy dust" by Sir Sea Sal, "the sea sleep king." Without warning, a "excitable sea troll" bursts through the window shouting "Wakey wakey sleepy doo!" Then, the boy is suddenly "whisked away by eagle-winged mollusks into the night sky!" The rest of the story is unknown as SpongeBob made Patrick stop.

[edit] SpongeBob's Nightmare

Later in the episode, after drinking coffee, SpongeBob finds himself running endlessly. A sea troll similar to what was in the book appears, shouting "Wakey wakey sleepy doo!" It turns out to be a shrub. Next, SpongeBob sees a glass of milk on a billboard talking to him. As he's still running, mustard splatters on the road, and SpongeBob notices Mr. Krabs as a giant with mustard dispensers as eyes. SpongeBob runs, but the mustard gets in his way. SpongeBob backs away and knocks over a pile of mustard barrels, which falls down and splashes on him, sending him to a strange mustard land. As SpongeBob is lying on a bunch of barrels on a lake made of mustard, 8 Squidwards come out of the barrels and one of them says "Mr. Krabs is going to be upset." The Squidwards then push SpongeBob into the lake of mustard. In another callback to the book, SpongeBob is picked up by a strange-looking eagle-like creature (similar to Gary). The flying creature brings SpongeBob to a pink mountain, which is actually Patrick as a giant. Patrick sticks his tongue out and the flying creature drops SpongeBob on his tongue and Patrick swallows SpongeBob. SpongeBob falls into the stomach of the giant Patrick and breaks a bed when he lands. He sees what looks like the sun starting to rise. From there he meets Sir Sea Sal, who sprinkles some "magic dust" on SpongeBob. He falls asleep and wakes up back at his house in Gary's litter box.

[edit] Looks

The front cover consists of a picture of a excited fish with "The Land of Perpetual Excitement" above it. The back is purple. It is unknown what the inside of the book looks like.

[edit] Trivia

  • It is "a 'get-out-of-bed' story" as stated by Patrick.
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