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Shell Spiffy
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Shell Spiffy is a magazine seen in the episode Shell Shocked. Gary reads this magazine and probably dreams of having one of their expensive shells, even though it may be a magazine for fancy snails. In the cover, there is a purple snail with a pink shell that has a diamond on it. SpongeBob thought their prices were outrageous. In the book, Gary's old shell had lots of new features and cost $95,95.95 or more.

[edit] Looks

The magazine has a blue cover with a female snail on it. Over the snail, it says Shell Spiffy in red letters.

[edit] Trivia

  • The German title for the magazine is Das schicke Schneckenhaus, which means The Fancy Snail Shell.
  • The sticky tabs in the book were from Gary, who wanted the shell.
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