The Chumporium

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The Chumporium!
One of Plankton's snowglobes

The Chumporium is a replacement of Chum Bucket. It sells gift items and trinkets. Its owner is Plankton, who had been running the Chum Bucket. Its only customer known is SpongeBob, and Mr. Krabs came and destroyed Plankton's business because he though Plankton was scheming something. It may not have been a success, but Plankton had loved his gift shop and was heart broken when Mr. Krabs went on a rampage. It included lava lamps, trinkets, stuffed animals, and all other kinds of things. Plankton tried to act as if he was not trying to capture the Krabby Patty formula but Mr. Krabs proved smarter. This transformation was only seen in the episode New Leaf.

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