Plankton's Grandma

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Plankton's Grandma

Plankton's Grandma just appears in the episode: Gramma's Secret Recipe. Like the name already says, she is the Grandma of Plankton. It is unknown what her real name is. She lives at Shady Shoals, The same place where Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy live. She also seems to not tolerate Planktons evil plans.

[edit] Looks

Plankton's Grandma is all green like Plankton. She has white hair and glasses. Also has a orange dress with yellow polka-dots on it.

[edit] Trivia

  • She tells Plankton that he's always been her favorite grandaughter, which seemed incorrect probably due to her bad memory.
  • Her room is smaller than the others, shown when the nurse stuck her head through the whole door.
  • It is shown that her favorite snack is chocolate pudding.
  • Plankton promised her that he would run a marathon.

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