Patrick's Lemonade Stand

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Patrick at his lemonade stand

Patrick's Lemonade Stand is a small business run by Patrick in the PC version of Lights, Camera, Pants!


[edit] Looks

It is made out of parts found behind the Krusty Krab, including wheels, a giant yellow hand (which resembles SpongeBob) over a giant cup and straw, and the building materials.

[edit] What it sells

  • "MEGA!" Cup (25c)

[edit] TV Appearance

A different lemonade stand, also run by Patrick, appeared in The Great Patty Caper. It was a table with a red table cloth on it with a blue sign with yellow writing of and lemonade on the table. He was trying to stop the out of control train but it was knocked down as the train rushed past it. For some stupid reason he put it on (or near) the track. Like that was going to stop the train.

Another different lemonade stand was run by Patrick in Ink Lemonade.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • Patrick only had MEGA sized cups, so SpongeBob had to find a quarter.
  • The MEGA size cup is even bigger than SpongeBob or Patrick.
  • After SpongeBob had his lemonade, Patrick went out of business because he only had one cup, that cup being the only MEGA cup.
  • Patrick had no regular, medium or large cups.
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