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The Oceanic Express is a steam hauled passenger train that is only seen in The Great Patty Caper. The interior of the passenger cars is quite fancy, considering that the train is a 5-star overnight train. The train is only known for stopping in a town across the ocean at Far-Out-Ville. It only goes there [when it should have more stops]. But in the episode it crashed throw Patrick's Lemonade Stand and the Train Center. It nearly destroyed the Rest Home which was at the end of the line. The locomotive crashed into the bank at Far-Out-Ville. The wheel-arrangement of the locomotive is 4-6-4 [4 leading wheels, 6 driving wheels & 4 trailing wheels]. The name of this train ("The Oceanic Express") is a noticeable reference to the Orient Express, a famous overnight European train.

[edit] Trivia

  • The length of the Oceanic Express varies, in one shot it only shows the locomotive, the dining car, two passenger cars and the brake van, but when SpongeBob and Patrick chase Plankton down through the train to the locos cab it seemed much longer.
  • It's possible that SpongeBob and Patrick go off the train then ran up to the loco and then got in the cab during their chase.
  • How could SpongeBob have stopped the train to talk to the cops?
  • Only the exterior of the brake van is seen, not the interior so no one knows what it looks like.
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