Missing Identity (Episode)

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Missing Identity
Titlecard Missing Identity.jpg

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Episode No.: 58a
Season: 3
Airdate: 19 January 2004
Previous Episode: The Camping Episode
Next Episode: Plankton's Army
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
Squidward Tentacles Rodger Bumpass
Gary Tom Kenny
Mr. Krabs Clancy Brown
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"Missing Identity" is an episode from Season 3.



SpongeBob is at a diner, late at night. It is a dark and Rainy Night. A patron is solving a crossword puzzle, and realizes he had lost his pen. A waitress says he can borrow hers, and does. SpongeBob says he once lost something more important than a pen, His identity.

He recounts the events of last Monday. He wakes up, and throwing his blanket into the air, says "Good morning world, and all who inhabit it!" The blanket falls on him and SpongeBob, not being able to see, falls off his bed and his alarm clock falls on top of his head. He falls down the stairs and the alarm propels him into the window. He feeds Gary, and realizes that he has been feeding Gary snail food for years and doesn't even know what it tastes like. He tastes a little bit, and is horribly disgusted, and his disgust is even heard at the headquarters of the company that makes Gary's snail food. He looks at the clock and realizes that he's late for work, so he quickly gets changed and skips to work.

While he skips to work, he says hello to Patrick Star, says hello to Old Man Jenkins, then places an apple on Mr. Krabs' desk. Then, two guys throw him into the dumpster.

Later, as SpongeBob serves food to a customer, the customer tells him that he should wear a name-tag so that she can thank him in a sophisticated and civil manner. He assures her that he is wearing a name-tag, but then sees nothing but a shirt. He immediately hyperventilates, and tells Squidward that he has lost his name-tag. SpongeBob faints almost immediately. When he wakes up, he asks Squidward what happened. His response is that he fainted because he lost his name-tag. Squidward assures him that his name-tag is not that important, but just as he says that Mr. Krabs informs them that there's a uniform inspection in one hour. Squidward tells SpongeBob that he should retrace his steps.

SpongeBob does, but is unsuccessful in finding it. Patrick suggests looking in the dumpster, and they go searching there. Patrick finds SpongeBob's name-tag, but it seems to keep disappearing. SpongeBob is confused, but all the mysteries are cleared when Patrick says "At least I don't wear my shirt backwards!" SpongeBob then realizes that he had his name-tag all along, his shirt was just backwards.(He would only check his tie after he wears his clothing.) At the uniform inspection, Mr. Krabs smells SpongeBob and is horribly disgusted. He kicks SpongeBob out of the Krusty Krab.

SpongeBob finishes telling his story, and thanks the waitress for listening, calling her "Betty". She says that her name is not Betty; she just borrowed someone else's uniform while hers is getting cleaned. When SpongeBob learns this, he ends the episode doing a Jack Benny double-take.


  • The magazine Squidward was reading: Fancy Living Digest - was also seen in Chocolate With Nuts.
  • SpongeBob yells to Patrick from his window explaining what he should do, Squidward's House is missing.
  • The dumpster is bigger when SpongeBob and Patrick get in.
  • When SpongeBob first woke up and went to feed Gary, SpongeBob's TV was on the right side of the window, but when he was putting on his pants the TV was on the left side of the window.
  • The fish from the Snail Po Company said: "I feel...a disturbance" This is a reference to Star Wars Episode 4, when planet Alderan blows up. Obi-Wan Kenobi says he "felt a great disturbance in the force".
  • Patrick finds the single of a band named Stingray 5000 is seen in the episode. A parody of Powerman 5000.
  • The entire episode (before he realized that his shirt was backwards) you could see that his collar was gone.
  • When SpongeBob did his last try of retracing his steps, he skips the part where he tastes Snail Po and skips to the part where he hits the window.
  • SpongeBob's Identity was missing in many other episodes.
  • When Patrick says SpongeBob is going to "retrace his steps", Patrick appears to have fingers and not a large hand with a thumb.
  • At the end it is revealed that SpongeBob had a tie on both sides of his shirt. But in EVERY OTHER episode only 1 side has a tie.
  • When SpongeBob says hi to old man jenkins, you see the back of his shirt. Why is there no tie, or name tag?
  • There are only 4 characters who actually appear in the present time of this episode-SpongeBob, Betty, a customer and the chef.
  • After Patrick says "Hi SpongeBoob", SpongeBob tries everything again in 4 boxes. But the third box should be switched with the fourth box. Third box: SpongeBob feeds Gary. Fourth box: SpongeBob crashes into the window.
  • SpongeBob wasn't wearing his shirt backwards, his name tag is on the wrong side. And how come he doesn't see the name tag earlier?
  • After SpongeBob finishes his story, the waitress breaks the fourth walll by saying, "Well, you managed to kill 11 minutes." This is how long every non-special episode is.
  • Patrick seemingly breaks the 4th wall after saying Spongeboob.Patrick says Sorry People.



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