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The Digest!

Fancy Living Digest is a magazine Squidward subscribed to. Inside the magazines, they saw how other people were rich and famous and became fancy people. The magazine's appearance was in the episode Chocolate With Nuts and Missing Identity. One person had a swimming pool and a mansion, and another one had bags of money. Squidward likes it because he wants to be like Squilliam Fancyson, his rival. This magazine also appears in Dr. Louie's Chiropractor in the Movie PC Game.

[edit] Front/Inside/Back Cover

On the front cover of the magazine it displays the words "FANCY LIVING" in blue text and then in big white text it displays "DIGEST". There is a picture of a rich fish wearing posh clothes and holding money on fire. The background color is purple and it displays "DECEMBER 02" in small text. There has been no appearance of the back cover though because the writing is not seen; it is just lines of color. Inside the magazine is, among other fancy living-related things, famous people who have bags of money, people who have swimming pools, fancy shoes and people who have swimming pools in swimming pools.

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