Bikini Bottom High School

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Bikini Bottom High School
Pearl at school

Bikini Bottom High School is a high school where teens go to study. It is seen in the episodes Whale of a Birthday, Barnacle Face and Patrick-Man! Pearl and Judy are two of the hundreds students going to this school. It is another building across the street of the Krusty Krab. It is located in the street Conch Street.

[edit] Design

Bikini Bottom High School looks like a regular high school. It has red walls,and a flag on the top also a sign above the doors reading "High School". It was established in 1936 and remodeled in 1975.

[edit] Students


Elementary: Bikini Bottom ElementaryPoseidon Elementary School

Intermediate: Bikini Bottom Middle School

High School: Bikini Bottom High School

College: Community College

Other: Bikini Bottom Prestigious Music CollegeMrs. Puff's Boating SchoolAdult Learning Center

System: Bikini Bottom Public School System

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