Bikini Bottom Elementary

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Bikini Bottom Elementary

Bikini Bottom Elementary is a small school in Bikini Bottom. Young fish are taught at this school. When SpongeBob and Squidward get morphed together by Sandy's teleporter, they land in the school and scare everyone. Timmy is one of the fish that is taught at this school. In the episode Krabby Land, there is also a school that resembles the Bikini Bottom Elementary, but that may be a different school.

[edit] Looks

The school is a brown building with a light green sign that says Bikini Bottom Elementary in dark green. There is a fence around the school. It is seen that the school is a two-story. It has a flag and a slide at the front.


Elementary: Bikini Bottom ElementaryPoseidon Elementary School

Intermediate: Bikini Bottom Middle School

High School: Bikini Bottom High School

College: Community College

Other: Bikini Bottom Prestigious Music CollegeMrs. Puff's Boating SchoolAdult Learning Center

System: Bikini Bottom Public School System

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