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Hi :) I'm 4evrnalwayz and I love Spongebob! I really want to help this website become the best it can be, so I signed up for this!

Spongebob Fan Info:

Favorite Main Character: Gary Favorite Minor Character: Fred Favorite Episode: The Camping Episode Favorite Main Character Quote: Conversation between Spongebob & Patrick Spongebob : "Patrick, your genius is showing." Patrick : "What? Where?" Favorite Minor Character Quote: When Fred yells "My Leg!" Favorite Joke: In the episode Spongebob Squarepants vs. The Big One , The Flying Dutchman falls down to the bottom of the ocean to Davy Jones' Locker . There, a real version of Davy Jones from the band The Monkees is singing Daydream Believer to the Flying Dutchman while throwing socks at him. Favorite Residence: Patrick's House Favorite Restaurant: Fancy! from the episodes Krusty Love , Chocolate With Nuts , and Le Big Switch . Favorite Tourist Attraction: Valentine's Day Carnival from the episodes Valentine's Day and To Love A Patty . Favorite Location in Downtown Bikini Bottom: The Wash from the episode: Mid-Life Crustacean .

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