The Yellow Album

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SpongeBob SquarePants: The Yellow Album
The Yellow Album.JPG

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Label: Record
Language(s): English
Rating: General
Running Time: Unknown
Release Date(s): Unknown
Disc Amount/Sides: 2 sides on 1 disc

The Yellow Album is the second album by Alternative rock band, SpongeBob & The Hi-Seas. The title and cover design are a parody of The Beatles' The White Album. It is mostly a collection of songs from the series, some, like "You're Old," extended to fit a full song. The album is also an Enhanced CD, containing two multimedia tracks, which can only be accessed by playing the disc on a computer. The album can also be bought from iTunes. The album's genre varies extremely. In the US, the album has sold close to 30,000 copies as of 2009.

[edit] Track listing

  1. "SpongeBob SquarePants Theme (Song)" - 0:46
  2. "Sweet Victory" - 2:08
  3. "Ripped Pants" - 1:18
  4. "Doing the Sponge" - 1:33
  5. "He's Flying" - 1:34
  6. "Gary's Song" - 2:27
  7. "Sweater Song" - 0:32
  8. "Hey All You People" - 0:44
  9. "Bubble Beat Box" - 1:03
  10. "Underwater Sun" - 1:32
  11. "Bossy Boots Song" - 1:35
  12. "When Worlds Collide" - 1:16
  13. "Jellyfish Jam" - 1:43
  14. "Campfire Song Song" - 0:56
  15. "Hey Mean Mr. Bossman" - 0:40
  16. "Stadium Rave" - 1:07
  17. "All You Need is Friends" - 0:50
  18. "Nick's B. Danube" - 0:34
  19. "That's What Friends Do" - 0:32
  20. "You're Old" - 2:20
  21. "Electric Zoo" - 0:35
  22. "Jingle Bells" - 2:54
  23. "B.C. Strut" - 1:09
  24. "Squidward's Clarinet"
  25. "Cha Ching"

[edit] Trivia

Aside from most songs being extended or full length, a few songs are edited.

  • The full length of "Sweet Victory" is 3:46, but the version included is only 2:08.
  • The version of Fred's song from Jellyfish Hunter "Hey All You People" is different than the one in the episode. It is not performed by Doug Lawrence.
  • "Stadium Rave" is an except from the Associated Production Music track "Stadium Rave (a)". The full song can be found on the APM album Clubmix.
  • "All You Need is Friends", from The Sponge Who Could Fly, is missing the line "if you want to fly" before the last line.

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