The Power Within

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The Power Within is a video that SpongeBob brought to the Flying Dutchman in the episode Ghost Host.

A Screenshot from the video.

[edit] Plot

The video begins with an eagle that flies past the screen. Then a gray hill is shown. Hooded figures with wide eyes roller blade by, chanting "The Power Within. One of them takes out an amulet with a picture of a mouth on it. The mouth transforms into the mouth of an old man, also repeatedly saying "The Power Within". He begins a series of movements (while a random chicken walks by) and multiplies into 3 multicolored figures of himself (as shown in the photo) still chanting. He shifts back into his regular oneself. He picks up some sand, screams "The power within!" and says "Yeah!". It is unknown if there is more of the video.

[edit] Trivia

  • This video has only been ever seen one time in the whole series.
  • The Clarinetland Bird is said to be the bird that flies by in the beginning.
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