How To Be Normal For Beginners

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How To Be Normal For Beginners is a videotape that SpongeBob watches in Not Normal. It is a video about becoming normal.

In the video, there is a person talking about how it is to be normal. It goes like this:

TV: Are you tired of being called a freak? Do people throw you out of their homes? Well, do they?

TV: Then join me as I take you on a "Journey into Normality".

TV: The life of a normal person is rather simple. (door opens with a fish smiling and dressed professionally for work) Here is your typical average Joe on his way to work. See how he is dressed. (hair is combed neatly) Even his hair is boring. (zoom in on the dimples) Notice his features, nice and smooth without a crater or freckle to be seen.

TV: In his office space, Mr. Normal, at least that's what it says on his name tag works at a steady and monotonous pace just as all the other normals do. Take note of how they communicate with each other.

2 Fish That Look Alike: Hi!, how are you?

TV: At the end of the day Mr. Normal packs his things and goes home to merrily start the cycle again in the morning.

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