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The Pirates are a gang of live-action pirates that appear in the movie. They sing the theme song all the way to a movie theater, where they actually watch the animated movie. So far the movie has been their only appearance. The full list of pirates and their respective actors is given in the credits at the end of the movie.

  • Squinty the Pirate - Kristopher Logan
  • Bonesy the Pirate - D.P. FitzGerald
  • Scruffy the Pirate - Cole S. Mackay
  • Stitches the Pirate - MS
  • Captain Bart the Pirate - Bart McCarthy
  • Ickis the Pirate - Doa! Babouche!
  • Inky the Pirate - Henry Kingi
  • Tiny the Pirate - Randolph Jones
  • Upper Deck the Pirate - Paul Zies
  • Fingers the Pirate - Gerard Griesbaum
  • Tangles the Pirate - Aaron Hendry (also plays the cyclops)
  • Gummy the Pirate - Maxie J. Santillan Jr.
  • Leatherbeard the Pirate - Peter DeYoung
  • Tango the Pirate - Gino Montesinos
  • Pokey the Pirate - John Siciliano
  • Cookie the Pirate - David Stifel
  • Martin the Pirate - Alex Baker
  • Sniffy the Pirate - Robin Russell
  • Salty the Pirate - Tommy Schooler
  • Stovepipe the Pirate - Ben Wilson
  • Dooby the Pirate - Jose Zelaya
  • Eileen the Pirate - Some Two Yellow Tails
  • Doa! the Pirate - Janira Barnikov
  • Slickis the Pirate - Mario Rubnikowich
  • Fish the Pirate - Allez, Dora!
  • Voice the Pirate - Aveeh, Doa!
  • Ruth Flynn (WGBH) - Stéphanie Lemieux (CINAR)
  • Crying Crying

The credits are the only indication to the pirates individual names, or that they have them.

[edit] Interests

  • Snacks
  • The SpongeBob movie, SpongeBob, and all of the characters in the show. They cried when they thought that SpongeBob and Patrick had died for good.
  • Sailing their ship
  • Singing the SpongeBob theme song
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