Sun Fun Island

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The place where the Sun'N'Fun ship docks

Sun N Fun is a summer camp. The camp takes place on Sun Fun island. The campers do all sorts of things: They make faces out of dry macaroni, sing campfire songs, play games and they help and support each other. SpongeBob is one of the campers, while Patrick is not. It appeared in The Inmates of Summer and Giant Squidward.

[edit] Getting there

You can get to Sun N Fun by a ship. It docks before the ship to the prison located on Inferno Island.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • In Giant Squidward, The Sun N Fun Campers was seen in Bikini Bottom, but in The Inmates of Summer, you had to go on a ship to go to Sun N Fun.
  • It is unknown if the camp will ever return.

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