Pool Party Pooper

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Pool Party Pooper

Pool Party Pooper is an online SpongeBob game.


[edit] Game development

In this game, the fish are tanning in SpongeBob's pool. If the fish get too hot they will need sunscreen. The player has to keep an eye out for Patrick who is again causing mischief by belly-bouncing into the water. The player has to throw food into the water to calm down Patrick and to put sunscreen on the fish. There are 3 fish. If two of them burn, the player looses.

[edit] Some Tricks

  • Give food to Patrick is a good tactic for failing to eat fish to stay away a little more.
  • Spend as little as possible to feed Blocker Patrick every two pitches Blocker and Patrick leaves.
  • Timmy use less sunscreen (possibly because he is a minor).

[edit] Characters

[edit] Places

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