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Mable is an Anchovy, who appeared in lots of Episodes like: Born To Be Wild, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and Have You Seen This Snail?. Her husband, Monroe, calls her and her Children to run away from The Wild Ones. And in another Episode Have You Seen This Snail?, you can see SpongeBob and Patrick in the sky with their plane and chaning the clouds into a sentence that says "Lisa will you marry me?", and Mable then sees it and gets very angry. It is possible that she will appear in other future Episodes again. She has a Pet, Mary. She and SpongeBob argued over her kidnapping Gary in Gary in Love. She dated a Man named Brad and he has a pet snail with a Italian Accent. Mary Fell in love with Brad's Snail.


  • Mable is a green fish with a blue dress and a blond hair.


  • She is the Mother of Timmy, Billy, an unnamed son and two or three daughters.
  • She Has a few minor appereances in, Gary in Love, and Have you Seen this Snail?.
  • Her name is Monica in Gary in Love

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