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Electric Zoo is a song heard in the episode: Krab Borg. It is also the episode's title card music. Mr. Krabs likes to listen to the song while counting to his money.

The song's title is said by a radio DJ of KRUM. Despite the title being "Electric Zoo", Mr. Krabs forgot and says it goes "bee-boo-boo-bop, boo-boo-beep" when requesting it be played again (Intended as a joke for the viewer, as they were playing other Electronic tunes, and many sound like that). However, the radio DJ corrects him by saying that Mr. Krabs was thinking of "bee-boo-boo-bop, boo-boo-bop", causing him to make beeping sounds over the phone.

[edit] Song content

The song has no lyrics. It has a robotic feel and is electronic-themed. Despite being an instrumental, it has apparently reached #1 on the Bikini Bottom music charts (as of the episode it is mentioned in). Also it made SpongeBob think Mr. Krabs was a robot, because of a misunderstanding and Sci-Fi film related hysterics.

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