All This Money (Song)

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All this Money/Mr. Krabs's Song is a song from the episode Atlantis SquarePantis.

ARTIST: Eugene H. Krabs

Oh, if I'd only known when I woke up today,
I have stopped at me tailors along the way!
And had ten more pockets put on me pants
'Cause I think I hear a money avalanche!
Look at all this cash! Hey, look at all this money!
I hope me heart can take it! I'm all right, Sonny!
Industrial accidents can make quite a mess,
Unless you fall into a money press!
Oh, make me into money, Mr. Wonderful Machine!
I always knew that me true color was green!
Oh, ever since I was a little kid,
I dreamed of such a place, yes I did!
With mounts of money and rivers of cash,
And a pool of coins to make a splash, 
Oh, I opened up the Krusty Krab 
With patties made of money!
They'd be delicious, and expensive,
And tastes like golden honey!
Money and gold, and treasure untold......
And all of it for me!
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