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Don Groper with Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob

Don Grouper is a fish who worked with Eugene H. Krabs to mass produce the Frozen Krabby Patty. He appears in Goodbye, Krabby Patty? and is voiced by Jon Hamm.

[edit] Looks

He is an purple fish wearing a business suit.

[edit] Info

He is presented with Mr. Krabs' well-intentioned, albeit cheaply made, advertisement for the Frozen Krabby Patty, produced with the help of SpongeBob SquarePants and Mr. Krabs' daughter Pearl Krabs. While he isn't particularly impressed with their "commercial," Mr. Grouper is mindful of the immense potential that Krabs' idea has, and he decides to help Mr. Krabs create an ad campaign to promote the Frozen Krabby Patties. He hypothesizes that to create a successful ad, they would need someone who could represent the target audience for this new product, which would make the commercial itself more relatable, and therefore memorable; the new face of the Frozen Krabby Patties ends up being Patrick Star, SpongeBob's best friend. After the first commercial airs, Grouper tells Mr. Krabs that he is bound to make a lot of money, but he will make even more if he changes the recipe and adds some "filler," much to SpongeBob's dismay. He then gives Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob a tour of the factory where the new Patties are made. While touring, SpongeBob notices the workers using sand in the recipe for Patties, which Mr. Krabs tells him to ignore.

Later in the episode, at a shareholders meeting, Grouper and Mr. Krabs are proud that the Frozen Krabby Patty ad campaign has been such a success, and are about to unveil their long-awaited, 400th commercial featuring Patrick. Patrick is called to make an opening speech, since he is the official mascot of the frozen sandwich. After a bit of inner conflict, Patrick reveals that the Patties are made of sand, exposing Don as a fraud; soon, everyone in the audience begins to violently vomit up sand, as well as everyone else in Bikini Bottom once the news is revealed to them. What happens to Don Grouper afterwards is unknown.

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