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Big Lenny!
The only creature to ever survive and remain living from a Big Lenny stinging, Dr. Manowar.

Big Lenny is a large and dangerous Jellyfish, and one of the only known Jellyfish to actually kill it's stinging victims. As SpongeBob revealed in I'm Your Biggest Fanatic, Dr. Manowar is the only person who has survived an attack by Big Lenny, getting by only with a huge bump that hurts when touched. This implies that Big Lenny has stung, and thus killed, numerous other Jellyfishing enthusiasts.


Not much is known about Big Lenny because he only appears in a photograph at the Bi-Annual Jellyfish Convention. All that is known is that he has a large humanoid face which looks cruel and evil.

Big Lenny is obvously a fearsome creature, not just by the picture, but by the general tone of Manowar and the audience in general.

SpongeBob gasps in admiration after meeting Dr. Manowar, and indeed was in awe of his survival. This can indicate that Big Lenny is a dangerous creature.


  • Big Lenny has never made a true appearance in the series.
  • Unlike other Jellyfish stings, people can die if stung by Big Lenny.
  • It has never been seen in places like Jellyfish Fields, so it probably lives in a prison or a safekeeping area.
  • The only time it was seen in Jellyfish Fields is in the game Operation Krabby Patty.
  • He may be a Portuguese Man-of-war or an Australian Box Jelly or even a Lion's mane, because all are incredibly deadly.
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