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the aliens
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The Three Futuristic Aliens are space aliens that were seen in Atlantis SquarePantis, and some other aliens in SpongeHenge. In Atlantis SquarePantis, the three aliens did not have UFOS like in SpongeHenge. The Three Aliens in the Atlantis episode were from the present when their son Norbluck 5 messed around with his Shrink-A-Tron, and shrunk Encino. In SpongeHenge, the three aliens had UFOs because they were in the water in 5007. They discovered and studied the SpongeBob Stones that attracted jellyfish.

[edit] Phrases

  • "Sorry, sir. Our son NorBlock 5 was messing around with his Shrink-a-Tron again."
  • "We'll fix your town, beardy."
  • "To this day, no one knows why these statues were created, or by whom. All we know is that the genius of their design has caused the annual migration of jellyfish to their wondrous tune."

[edit] Trivia

  • In SpongeHenge, you can see that one of the aliens had a camera in its mouth.
  • There is a time difference. The present, and in 5007.
  • We discover StoneHenge, but they discover SpongeHenge.
  • In SpongeHenge, one of the aliens is frowning and you can see its teeth, one is frowning and one is smiling.
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