The Camping Episode (Episode)

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The Camping Episode
Titlecard The Camping Episode.jpg

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Episode No.: 57b
Season: 3
Airdate: 3. April 2004
Previous Episode: Krabby Land
Next Episode: Missing Identity
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny

The Camping Episode is an episode from Season 3.



The episode starts at Squidward's house. Squidward looks at his Dance Quarterly Magazine calendar and mentions the fact that SpongeBob and Patrick are going camping (Which is 10 feet away from SpongeBob's House), and imagines how great it would be for them to "get lost and never come back." Afterwards, Squidward gets into bed and begins reading a book. He enjoys the idea of not having to deal with SpongeBob's annoying laugh, which he imitates. As if on cue, SpongeBob can be heard laughing outside. Squidward heads outside to see that SpongeBob and Patrick are camping, but only 10 feet from their houses. SpongeBob mentions how great he loves braving Mother Nature, while those "soft city people are sitting in bed reading books." After asking Squidward to join, Squidward immediately says no. SpongeBob then tells Squidward, "Have fun inside." Squidward becomes offended and claims that he is saying it to have him join them. Squidward disappears out of SpongeBob and Patrick's tent, in which SpongeBob says, "have fun inside" again. This finally prompts Squidward to join them, and gets all his camping gear out.

After having an unsuccessful attempt to activate his Remote Control Self-Assembling Tent, Squidward simply puts out a blanket, then asks for food. SpongeBob and Patrick have marshmallows, before acting like astronauts. Squidward decides to go to his house, SpongeBob and Patrick have criticized him for, "not fitting in the camping spirit." Squidward changes his mind, and has marshmallows. After being pelted by molted marshmallows that Patrick accidentally blew too hard from his stick, Squidward asks what else you do for fun. SpongeBob suggests a song, which is soon followed by The Campfire Song Song. after it ends Squidward protests how terrible it was, and begins playing his clarinet.

SpongeBob shoots a marshmallow into Squidward's mouth with his Clarinet, and then Squidward yells at them for doing so. SpongeBob mentions that you should not play the clarinet badly as it might attract a Sea Bear. Squidward denies that it exists, while SpongeBob and Patrick give proof by showing the magazines The Bikini Bottom Enquirer, and Fake Science Monthly. Squidward claims that it stupid, in which SpongeBob tells, "He once knew this guy, who knew this guy," to which he says, "Who knew this guy," repeatedly until saying, "who knew this guy's cousin." Squidward immediately stops SpongeBob and asks for things that he should not do if he wants to keep the Sea Bears away. SpongeBob and Patrick tell Squidward multiple things, including avoiding playing the clarinet, avoid eating cubed cheese, wear a hoop skirt, and screech like a chimp. Squidward states how much can set a Sea Bear off, and says that he has the feeling that they are in danger. SpongeBob and Patrick ask why, in which Squidward very briefly departs and returns with everything that both characters said that he should not do. After doing everything that was able to set a Sea Bear off, SpongeBob and Patrick, make an Anti-Sea Bear Circle to keep the Sea Bears Away.

Once Squidward completely finished, he asks why the Sea Bear has not appeared. SpongeBob points out that the sombrero, which Squidward was wearing was not worn in a goofy fashion, which also sets a Sea Bear off. Squidward fixes it, but an unknown hand fixed it. When everything zooms out, the hand was a Sea Bear's hand. The Sea Bear lets out a roar, and then goes after Squidward. Squidward is immediately beaten up repeatedly, even while drawing an Anti-Sea Bear circle. After making an oval, instead of a circle, Squidward joins the other two in the circle, to which the Sea Bear finally departs for good. After Squidward praises SpongeBob and Patrick for saving his life, they cheer in success. It is short lived however, as SpongeBob points out that the circle would never stop a Sea Rhino. Squidward asks what attracts them, to which Patrick answers, "the sound of a Sea Bear attack." Immediately afterwards, the Sea Rhino is seen. SpongeBob states that he is glad that he, Patrick, and Squidward are wearing their Anti-Sea Rhino Undergarments. SpongeBob then asks Squidward to confirm that, to which he dully answers, "Yeah." the episode then ends.

Trivia & Goofs

  • Its quite likely that the hat in which Squidward wore is from Idiot Box. He finds the hat in a box, and says, "Why haven't I worn this yet?"
  • The running gag of fire burning underwater is seen.
  • Another early running gag is where Patrick ends up burning his food, and then blows it so hard that it flies and hits Squidward.
  • The Sea Bear is likely to be a spoof of the Grizzly Bear.
  • Squidward says that the tent that SpongeBob and Patrick are in is 10 feet from SpongeBob's house, then says the same distance for his. However, the way that the tent was positioned means that it is a possibility of Squidward's house being further than what he says.
  • If you look at Squidward's Dance Quarterly Magazine calendar closely, you can see that the date the episode is set in is Saturday, May 25.
  • The food that Squidward brings along with him are Swedish Barnacle Balls.
  • Fans have voted The Camping Episode as the best of the third season.
  • It reveals that Patrick was doing Tic-Tac-Toe.
  • The Sea-Rhino Undergarments are actually their underwear in fact Squidward doesn't wear underwear. His underwear is revealed in Wormy
  • If you look closely, when the sea rhino is puffing in anger, some of the bubbles reach the top, but freeze and don't move any farther.
  • How can the molten marshmallow fly right back like a boomerang? But it hits Squidward when it was flying back to Patrick.
  • Squidward had the cubed cheese but never actually ate it.
  • Bikini Bottom Enquirer is a parody of a real magazine called The National Enquirer.
  • What happened to all of Squidward's clothes when he gets attacked by the Sea Bear?


Transcript and Song

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