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Squidward toilet sad in Choir Boys.

Squidward's Toilet appeared in House Fancy and Choir Boys. In House Fancy, Patrick told Squidward he needed to use it. After Patrick left, the toilet crawled out of Squidward's bathroom, saying, "Please! Please! Have mercy on my soul!" Then, it died in Squidward's arms. It also appeared in Choir Boys, as a friend of Squidward's Toilet Paper. In this episode, he only makes a sad face, and doesn't say any words.

[edit] Death

The toilet died in Squidward's arms after it came out of the bathroom and jumped in to his arms after Patrick used it for an emergency. It's last words were "Please! Please! Have mercy on my soul!" Then his next appearance after his death never came.

[edit] Trivia

  • In House Fancy, the toilet hates being used, yet in Choir Boys, the toilet wants to be used.
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