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Before you vote, you must agree to these rules.

[edit] Voting rights

To be eligible to vote, a user must meet the following conditions:

  • He must be at least ten edits on pages track record. Edits to your own user page, discussions, upload pictures, etc. do not count. There are only treatments that have been executed under the user name, not anonymous.
  • It must be in period of at least fourteen days show edits. That means he is entitled to vote earlier than fourteen days after his first edit on a page. This is to ensure that he has dealt with over a longer period of SpongePedia. With a „period of fourteen days“ is not mean that at each of the two weeks he has to perform edits - for example it is also possible to work on registration day five articles and five on the fourteenth day to continue to be eligible to vote!
  • If a user is blocked for misconduct, he is not entitled to vote in this period. After expiration of the block, he is entitled to vote automatically. The general rule is that once attained right to vote without restriction, is.
  • Who uses multiple user accounts is excluded from all subsequent elections in all areas of SpongePedia.

[edit] More rules

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